iPod Touch: No Vibration, Only 256MB Of RAM, Slightly Inferior Screen

The teardowns and close-lookings-at of the new iPod touch have revealed a few things. First, there actually is no vibrating motor, as thought earlier, and second, the new iPod touch has half of the iPhone 4’s RAM at 256MB. What does this mean?

Well, considering 256MB is more than enough to run pretty much everything out there, I don’t think we’re going to see much in the way of serious performance differences here. Probably it would help with multitasking, handling video in the iMovie app, and browsing large web pages and galleries. But most of the time things should be dandy.

The screen is also slightly worse on the iPod touch, which is something we’ve seen before. I’ll wait until more professional comparisons are done before making a big deal out of that.

We’re still waiting to hear a legitimate reason for limiting the rear camera to 960×720 stills, though.