Sanyo Announces Rechargeable Waist Warmer And Neck Warmer

Sanyo Japan has rolled out a number of eneloop-branded warmers in the past, for example for the hand or the whole body (in blanket form). And today the company unveiled rechargeable waist and neck warmers [press release in English].

Both devices are eneloop-branded (meaning they use Sanyo’s rechargeable batteries) and do what the names suggest: they help users keep warm at the belly/waist and neck, respectively. If you’re on the go and need more juice than the batteries provide, you can also use the eneloop mobile booster Sanyo showed last week to power the devices.

The waist warmer (pictured above) is available in M and L sizes and will retail for $96 when it goes on sale in Japan on October 7.

The neck warmers come in either ivory or black and will cost $84 (they will hit Japanese stores at the same time as the waist warmer).

In the press release linked to above, Sanyo doesn’t say anything about international sales plans unfortunately.