Seedcamp kicks off its biggest week yet

Seedcamp Week, the week when the startup programme brings its European travels to a head and lands in London, starts next week and they’ve released the startups they will be running through their intense mentoring wringer during the 13th until the 17th of September.

Over 600 teams applied over the year of nine Mini Seedcamps, finally coming up with teams from 16 different countries and 19 different cities. Although Seedcamp pinged to South Africa, Israel and even Asia this year, their hard core remains Europe, and the above data points show just how intense you have to be to suck out startups from such a wide area. If you’re just in Silicon Valley, thank your lucky stars you only have to drive up and down the 101.

Here’s Seedcamp’s summary of the contenders. At the end of the week a handful will win funding of €50,000 for a 5-10% stake in each company, who will get a further 3 months of intensive mentoring.

And check out some of the A-list mentors.

  • Albia – Testadon is an automated testing platform for software development that reduces costs for testing in enterprise software solution development. Based in Bosnia – Herzegovina.
  • Cognician – Cognician is a “thought processor” – a software that allows users to create, exchange, and view cogs – mindmaps developed on specific topics or content to speed up recognition and learning. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Editd – Fashion trends visualized. Analysing web and trend data for fashion companies to enable trend forecasting. Based in London, UK.
  • Financeacar – Comprehensive overview of financing options when buying automobiles, comparing offers across the range of direct sales, leasing, and other financing options. Based in London, UK.
  • Garmz – Market place for fashion designers to vet creations through the community and enable the creation of virtual fashion labels. Based in Vienna, Austria.
  • Getagreatboss – Rate your boss, get feedback from employees – because people leave bosses, not companies. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • GIS Cloud – Geo and business data combined and offered in an SAAS model for industries from retail to government and telecommunications to business intelligence. Based in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Hypezoo – Keeping track of product news, combined with powerful search and lead-generation model. Based in Sweden
  • Ineze – Structured decision making about products with a smart comparison engine. Based in Israel.
  • iSigned – Secure storage for important documents, contracts, and the like. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Mailerlite – Very simple email marketing solutions. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Movyloshop – Mobile shopping outlets as SAAS for long tail retailers. Based in Turin, Italy.
  • Nuji – Social shopping platform that allows to tag, rate, share and remember products. Based in London, UK.
  • Offset Options – Integrating the purchase of carbon credit offset into companies’ purchase flows. Based in Barcelona, Spain, and London, UK.
  • Profitero – Helping online retailers to maximize profits via actionable sales analytics. Starting with monitoring competitors’ prices, stock availability, new products and much more. Based in Dublin, Ireland
  • Publisha – Digital pubishing made easy – centralised input to all digital channels, allowing for easy distribution and monetization. Based in London, UK.
  • Robotmedia – Mobile rich content application publishing. Already top rated and more than 1.5 m downloads. Based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Sparkeo – Platform for selling expert content through online videos. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Tigerlily – Creators of tools to improve and monetize social media interaction for brands. Based in Paris, France.
  • Trebax – Provider of “damn small poker”, a solution to engage customers via mini games in flash adverts, focused on gaming and casino industry. Based in London, UK and Toronto, Canada.
  • Uberblic Labs – Data integration services for web and enterprise data, providing developers with API solutions for thus far untapped information sources. Based in Berlin, Germany.
  • Visionect – Web based tablet computers to enable wireless menus and ordering solutions in restaurants. Based in Lubljana, Slovenia.
  • Wordy – Copy editing in an SAAS model – send and receive edits within minutes in small bites, enabling high quality content for the smallest of publishers. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.