Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy Shows Us All the Stuff They're Doing In New York

In this video we find AT&T’s rep, Seth Bloom, reaching out to New Yorkers in particular and explaining, as simply as possible, while their calls suck and how AT&T is trying to fix the problem.

Essentially AT&T is starting to move some calls to the the 850 MHz band for more in-building coverage. The best thing about this video is that Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy looks like someone you’d want to give a noogie to (that’s a good thing) and they show you whats inside those crazy switch boxes on top of buildings. Double rainbow.

I think AT&T really hit it out of the park with this: they explained in plain English what was wrong and they showed how they are fixing it. And they did it not in an email but in a detailed discussion with an AT&T who explained the technology clearly and succinctly. I’m almost starting to like AT&T again.

Sadly, their other outreach efforts didn’t work so well.

via 9to5