Galaxy Tab To Be Announced September 16th For AT&T, Verizon, Sprint?

The latest news regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is no more solid than the price (which has, in another’s words, been pinpointed to somewhere between $200 and $1200), but if these “people familiar with the matter” are to be believed, we’ll see a multi-carrier rollout on September 16th. Samsung is said to have made deals with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint — which is interesting, since AT&T is already on the iPad bandwagon, Verizon has that Motorola tablet coming up, and the Galaxy Tab isn’t 4G. Samsung must have offered them quite a juicy deal for them to take on a non-exclusive tablet that competes with their own products.

UK plan pricing is in line with expectations, but it’s anybody’s guess what US carriers are planning. I’d go with a $20/mo. limited and $30/mo. unlimited, but I could be way off. The subsidy gap is pretty large, and carriers might want a little more of a guarantee. Samsung is betting big on this, though, and plans to sell ten million this year, so they’re probably giving the carriers a sweetheart deal on the hardware.