Confirmed: Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, And Samsung Focus Coming To AT&T

Well it was a rumor, but now it looks like we have confirmation: the Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, and Samsung Focus will be coming to AT&T before the end of the year. There’s even on confirmation on the Samsung Cetus. The Cetus is poised to be AT&Ts first Windows 7 phone.

AT&T is really working on their offerings before the end of the year, including no less then 3 other Windows 7 Phones. Assuming Engadget has it right, we should see the Blackberry Torch as well, coming in white, olive, and a red & black color scheme. There’s also confirmation that that Tab will be coming to AT&T, which was previously just a rumor. If you’re an HTC fan, the Surround will also be arriving before the holiday season. Expect a major announcement from Samsung confirming all the carriers on their new phones on the 16th.