Top Gear USA To Have A Stig

An Accurate depiction of the American Stig?

The much anticipated Top Gear USA debuts this fall on the History Channel, and until now, has lacked one important item: The Stig. That is until a new rumor has mention that there will be a Stig and the Stig will drive.

For those who haven’t heard of the Stig, he is an anonymous track driver for the super popular Top Gear on BBC in the UK. He doesn’t say much, and he doesn’t have to, he lets his driving say it all. The USA Stig will most likely be used in the same fashion as the UK show. The Stig will test vehicles on the Top Gear track and grab a lap time for each car, as to assure consistency in the testing.

No names have been clued as to whom the Stig will be, but that’s the point. Hopefully Jalopnik’s sources are correct and a USA Stig is born, it wouldn’t be Top Gear without him.