Microsoft Outlook Management Tool Liaise Steps Out Of Beta

Liaise, which develops software that adds a collaborative layer over Microsoft Outlook, is stepping out of beta today and will be available for commercial download. Launched last fall at DEMO, Liase was the winner of the conference’s enterprise category and people’s choice award. We have 100 free Liaise licenses for TechCrunch readers which sign up here.

Currently available for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003, Liaise automatically captures, organizes and prioritizes action items as you type and receive messages. The software will analyze the content within incoming and outgoing emails, capture the important information (Liaise dubs these KeyPoints) which needs to be acted upon, and sets up a management list based on this information. Responses to Liaise messages sent from any email platform such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and from mobile email systems such as BlackBerry and iPhone, are automatically tracked by Liaise.

Over the past year, users in a variety of industries, including financial services, management consulting, internet, technology, healthcare and retail, have been beta testing Liaise. Now Liaise has taken their responses and attempted to make the platform better in the commercial release.

For example, Liaise now includes a dashboard for managing work and for keeping teams in sync. Action items can be viewed by initiative, owner, due date, or priority. Project information can be organized into reports, available for export and printing. Action item due dates are automatically displayed in the Outlook calendar.

The startup has added a new feature called Liaise Lists, which is a note-taking application that automatically captures actions by typing free-form notes such as project and team plans, meeting minutes and to-do lists. The software will identify, track, and organize actions, dates, people and priorities found in these notes, makes them available to be modified as plans evolve, and later sent as an email message.

Liaise has also been accepted into the Mircosoft BizSpark One program. Liaise is priced at at $50 per seat per year, with a 30 day free trial period. Liaise faces competition from Xobni and Gist.