Socialwok Takes Collaboration Platform Mobile, Launches iPhone And Android Apps

Socialwok, a product that ads a social layer to Google products and Microsoft Outlook, is taking its collaboration platform mobile today. The startup, which launched its Google Apps-focused product at TechCrunch50 last year, is debuting both an iPhone app and Android app to the public today.

Socialwok provides a social layer within Google Apps, Gmail and Outlook, creating a private social network within the application to share ideas, emails, files, Office documents from Microsoft Word, Google Docs and other rich media using status updates. Socialwok’s beauty is that it wraps a collaborative, social network around the most unsocial of email applications, allowing users to never have to leave their email clients.

The Android app has much of the same functionality as the web apps, including the ability to login with Google Apps or Gmail accounts, background syncing of status updates, feeds and contacts, view notes and emails in feeds, attach pictures, and notifications support for new posts and mentions.The iPhone app allows for access to your Socialwok account, the ability to drag and update of status updates in feeds and view notes and emails in feeds.

Since launching a year ago, Socialwok is now used by hundreds of thousands of users from over 10,000+ businesses. Socialwok, which employs a freemium model, has steadily been adding features and improvements to its application, including adding support for Facebook, Twitter and Buzz within its applications and releasing a new version of its HTML 5 mobile version for Android and iPhone browsers.

Earlier this year, Socialwok was chosen as one of the showcase companies for Google’s AppEngine technology at the company’sGoogle IO Developer Sandbox. And Socialwok was integrated as a pilot partner in Google’s recently launched Google Apps Marketplace.