Notion Ink Adam To Have Replaceable Batteries, FCC Cert One Week Ahead Of Schedule

The Notion Ink Adam (a.k.a everyone’s favorite unreleased iPad killer) is apparently rolling along nicely. The company posted a bunch of small tid-bits on the official blog but only a few stand out from the rest. First, as the headline states, the Adam will have a replaceable battery that will no doubt be touted again and again when comparing the tablet verses the iPad. Also, the Pixel Qi display now has a manual on/off switch allowing users to preserve battery life when the screen isn’t necessary.

It’s the FCC certification news that makes us smile, though.

The best news: according to new schedule we will hit for FCC certifications a week earlier than scheduled and over all the project is running 7 days ahead of its schedule.

That’s great news. But we must say that we’re still a bit skeptical about the Adam. It just still seems to much goodness packed into one product. Call us jaded, but that’s how we see it. Hopefully we’re wrong.

[pic via Jalopnik]