Android Overtakes Windows Mobile In Sales

comScore is reporting that Android overtook Windows Mobile by 5 percentage points, rising from 12% to 17% while WinMo dropped from 14% to 11.8% in share percentage. Rim dropped two points while remaining on top and the iPhone dropped 2 points as well, from 41% to 39%.

What does this mean? Not much, but Microsoft should probably release WinMo 7 soon or they’re toast. Generally, uptake comes with business fleets of cellphones and RIM is stable in that catbird seat for now. Windows Mobile will fill some of the business niche, but not much, and as employees take to iPhones rather than the company Curves they’re offered, things could change considerably.

Unfortunately, as well, Google isn’t quite ready for business, although you’d think it would be. I haven’t heard of a single implementation of Android phones in a company from any of my IT contacts (the few I still have.)

via PCMag