HTC Sense (Hub?) for Windows Phone 7 caught in a pair of videos

We’ve known for some time that Sense (HTC’s custom user interface overhaul that they’ve so far built for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android) would be coming to Windows Phone 7. Well, it sort of would. Due to Microsoft’s mandatory design guidelines, Sense for WP7 can’t completely overhaul the UI the way it can on other platforms — it can just build on top.

What would that look like, exactly? Up until now, your guess was as good as ours — but thanks to a piping hot pair of leaks, our collective guess just got a whole lot better.

The first leak comes from Spanish gadget site Pocket PT, who obtained this video of what sure looks like HTC Sense (here instead called “Hub”) running on the Mozart:

The second video comes by way of Engadget. Curiously, this one show’s HTC’s WinPho 7 work in an entirely different package; rather than packing it all into one big Hub, the individual tools (Notes and a quirky little Flower-Pedal-Picking app are shown here) are independently plopped right onto the home screen. Might individual items from the “Hub” be Homescreen-pinnable (that’s my guess), or are we looking at two different things here?

Doubting any of this stuff’s legitimacy? Please, tell us why in the comments. On a scale of 1 to “Ridiculously legit”, these leaks are leaning heavily toward the latter.