Live Blog: Samsung announces their "latest Android-powered device" in NYC

Deep in the heart of New York City, where the weather has made a surprise turn for the worse and Tornado warnings (seriously) are on everyone’s lips, Samsung is about to announce their iTunes-esque media rental service, Media Hub, and… something else.

What that “something else” is is supposed to be a mystery, with Samsung only saying that they’ll be talking about “their latest Android-powered device”.

From what I’m hearing, I’m nearly certain that tonight’s device “announcement” will be focused on their already pretty-much-official Android tablet, the Samsung Tab. They’ve already shared a ton of specs, whilst withholding carrier availability and pricing details.

Spoiler alert: I’m also nearly certain that the aforementioned mystery carrier is AT&T. Samsung might have more packed up their sleeves, though — and for that, you’ll have to tune into the liveblog below.