Samsung to announce their next Android device tonight. Tune in for the live blog!

Sure, the Galaxy S may have pretty much just launched on pretty much every carrier in the US, which might make you think that Samsung might, you know, ride it out for a while, right? No way, Jose. This is Samsung we’re talking about. Tie up a Samsung engineer and lock’em in a box two sizes too small, and they’d still manage to have two new devices ready to go when you let’em out.

Later this afternoon (4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern, to be specific) Samsung will be announcing at least one new Android-powered device. All bets are on this one being the official US carrier/availability announcement of their tablet, the Tab. WiFi Gods and Bandwidth Overlords allowing, we’ll be liveblogging the event for your up-to-the-minute enjoyment, so be sure to tune in!