Sony Outs "Classic White" PS3, PSP "Monster Hunter" Edition And Pink PS3 Controller

The firmware update for making the PS3 compatible with 3D Blu-ray movies wasn’t the only hardware-related news that came from Sony today. The company also announced [JP] a number of hardware updates for the Japanese market: expect a “Ceramic White” PS3with a 320GB HDD, a newly designed (and Monster Hunter-branded) PSP, and a PS3 controller in “Candy Pink”.

“Ceramic White” PS3

This new model Sony showed today is actually the same we’ve blogged back in July. It’s just that this new white PS3 has a 320GB HDD instead of the 160GB Sony built into the previous one. It will land in Japan on October 21 for $410.

Monster Hunter-branded PSP

Monster Hunter is huge in Japan, which is why the hardcore fans will get to lay their hands on a special PSP-3000 MHB on December 1 (price: $233). What’s interesting is that this PSP has an updated analog stick, which is supposed to make it easier to play Monster Hunter on it. The device also comes with a special Monster Hunter menu pre-installed.

“Candy Pink” PS3 controller

If you ever wanted an original Sony PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 controller in pink, here’s your chance. The Candy Pink controller will be released in Japan on November 18 (price: $65).