Hands-on: Miniature LCOS Laser Picoprojector Is As Big As A Matchbox


This amazing little projector, OEMed by XDM, a part of Explay in Japan, is truly something to behold. Smaller than a matchbox – it’s about an inch on each side – it pumps out an unspeckled 14 lumens image in full color at about 800 pixels on the top side. It small enough to fit in the upper corner of almost any phone and the aperture is so tiny it’s almost unnoticeable. And guess what? XDM is making it smaller.

The rig they showed me was fairly bulky but they’re currently working on an ASIC controller chip that will reduce all of the circuitry to a few square centimeters. The are also working on a 20 lumens model as well as a smaller model that is half the size of the current system.

XDM will OEM these parts and they currently have a number of folks interested. Expect picoprojectors to really take off in the next few months as these hit market, especially considering you can stick these things into almost any device including cellphones, cameras, and laptops.

Product Page [Website is currently down]