Motorola Flipout for AT&T cancelled?

It’s potentially a sad day for fans of oddly-form-factored phones everywhere. AT&T’s ultra-wonky, Android-powered Motorola Flipout.. might be dead.

The word comes from Engadget, who’s hearing whispers that corporate AT&T stores — the ones who were expecting Motorola Flipouts to be hitting their shelves this weekend — are being told to destroy any and all literature involving the device. This rarely happens (after shipping and promotion production, last minutes changes cost mad money), so there are two plausible situations that come to mind:

  1. They’ve changed something about the Flipout (its name, perhaps?) large enough to justify the costs involved.
  2. AT&T killed the product at the last minute.

Of course, there’s always the option that the Flipout just had some last-second manufacturing issues and was delayed as a result — but if that’s the case, why destroy all the perfectly good (sans the launch date details) literature/promotional wares?