Shipwire Allows Merchants To Outsource Shipping And Order Management

For online merchants, the process of selling and delivering a product can be complicated. Sellers need to know where all of their available inventory is at one time (a seller may have multiple channels where inventory is being shipped from). Once retailers knows where this inventory is, they have to display the lowest possible shipping rate to a buyer. For any online merchant this entire process can be daunting and complicated to automate via software. Instead, many merchants can outsource all of this to Shipwire, a company that offers retail businesses a service for order management.

The company’s SaaS platform gives businesses on-demand access to warehouses in the U.S., Canada and Europe allowing merchants to access inventory closer to buyers so that they can cut shipping costs and delivery times.

Shipwire will be launching a new product, called Shipwire Anywhere, which allows merchants to manage inventory and route orders to anyplace a seller has inventory stored e.g. a warehouse, garage, office closet, retail store, storage unit. The application essentially allow SMBs to manage orders and inventory regardless of where it is sold or where it is stored. The only cost associated with this inventory and order management software is the cost to actually print out the labels through Shipwire.

Amazon offers its Fulfillment by Amazon service, which allows online merchants to outsource their shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon also offers an API that automates shipping, tracking orders, and printing branded labels. But Shipwire says that this service and the API only works for Amazon warehouses, whereas Shipwire’s software will route to any merchant inventory locations.

We have 100 free invites to use Shipwire Anywhere which you can access here.