Verizon 4G teaser site now online

Verizon are almost ready to unleash the details of their 4G LTE network onto the world, and, so, to build some anticipation, they have created a teaser site.

There is very little on the site: just a box to put your email address in and the following hype:

What is Verizon’s 4G? It’s your signal…at full-tilt.
It’s an abundance of bandwidth. Reducing your lag time significantly.
And it’s powerful signal makes you invincible.
Be the first to defy boundaries and ride the lightning of Verizon’s 4G signal.

There are no details on handsets, “go live” dates, or pricing, but Android Community believe that the network will be populated with USB modems and Android devices.

As far as cities are concerned, Verizon have only gone so far to say that it will launch in 30 “NFL cities” this year.

And, as a final note, I don’t think the network will really make you invincible… so don’t do anything stupid.

[via Android Community]