Images of a new HTC 7 Trophy leak

While we heard about a Windows-Mobile-6.5-powered HTC Trophy waaaay back in ’09, today’s leak is of an entirely new phone.

PocketNow have landed some images of the new device, but there are scant details available beyond it running WinPho7 and HTC’s new Sense Hub.

It isn’t even clear if the Trophy is a new name for a previously seen device, or if it’s an entirely new device. It may even be the codename for the upcoming HD2 successor, the HD7.

WM Experts do note that it recently made an appearance at the Global Certification Forum, which probably means it’s headed for Europe and Asia… and maybe not the US.

But don’t fret: if we hear anything more, we’ll let you know.

Enough with the jabberin’, check out the pics, below.

[via WM Experts]