NVIDIA Readying Tegra 3, Plans For A New One Every Year

Although everybody seems to recognize the Tegra brand, there are precious few products actually using it, though it is suited to tablets and the next year may bring surprises. Certainly today brought a surprise in the form of NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang casually noting that Tegra 3 is nearly done and work is beginning on Tegra 4.

Very little was actually said about the chip, and no partners were announced. As for the announcement that they would come out with a new one every year, well, that’s a bit of abracadabra that any company can do. Package up what you’ve got and call it the next version. Hopefully NVIDIA will do a bit more than that, though.

We’ll probably hear more about Tegra towards the end of the year, when we’ll hear more about the makeup of all the upcoming tablets from HTC, HP, and so on.