Surprise! Sprint's 4G network goes up in San Francisco, if only for now

Surpriiiiiise! There’s no sign if Sprint’s just testing things or if they’ve just been caught in the act before they got a chance to send out a press release, but reports are coming in that Sprint’s 4G network has just gone live in San Francisco.

Our eagle-eyed buddy Marin of IntoMobile noticed the network’s new-found SF presence this morning, when his Sprint Overdrive suddenly lived up to its name. Download speeds jumped from the standard megabit-or-so per second up to anywhere from 3 to 9 megabits per second.

Now, before you get too excited: this doesn’t appear to cover all of San Francisco right now — skyscrapers and hills make coverage difficult, you know? However, Marin says he’s seeing the 4G juices flow in live around Embarcadero, SoMa, and the Financial District.

Got a 4G device, like the EVO, Epic 4G, or Overdrive and live in San Francisco? Give it a quick reboot, and let us know how things go.