Glasses-Free 3D On Your Android Device? Sure, Why Not

Spotted at a booth at NVIDIA’s GPU Conference is this little demo station from Scaleform and Master Image, who have worked together to make an autostereoscopic 3D menu system. Obviously the effect does not transfer through the monoscopic camera, but you can hear the cameralady “ooh”-ing, so it’s probably pretty cool.

The hardware, as the guy mentions, is Tegra-based, though he didn’t mention whether it was Tegra or Tegra 2 (probably not Tegra 3). And you might have missed it, but at 1:11 he shows that the hardware is also running Android.

Do you actually want 3D on your tablet or phone? Probably not. But what if, like on the 3DS, you could turn it down or all the way off with a dial? Hopefully the technology in use by Master Image lets that happen. It’d be a nice selling point, though 3D hasn’t exactly been selling like crazy in the laptop world.