New Electronic Bracelet Tracks Your Every Move, Lets Others "Control" You Remotely

I am not sure if this is a good or bad idea: Japanese tech powerhouse NTT is working on a bracelet that identifies and tracks the wearer’s actions. The bracelet is equipped with a special mini camera, a microphone, and sensors for acceleration, light and direction.

The acceleration sensor measure how the user’s hands move, while the camera detects the color and other details of an object one’s hand. At the same time, the built-in microphone picks up nearby sound. Needless to say, all data can be sent to a computer and processed.

NTT says that data can be compared with previously saved information to identify the day-to-day actions the wearer performs remotely (cooking, cleaning etc.). For example, the system enables people to monitor what their elderly relatives are doing at specific times over a long distance.

According to NTT, the system (in its current form) is able to identify a total of 15 daily chores, with a 80-90% accuracy rate. The company plans to reduce the size of the bracelet and wants to achieve wireless data transfer before commercializing it.