SteelSeries Shift Keyboard Lets You Switch Between Differet Keysets

SteelSeries has a fancy new keyboard that might be worth checking out. It’s called the Shift, and its deal is that it has interchangeable keysets. So, you have one keyset for your FPS—yes, Kudo, people still plays FPSs on PCs—, one for MMOs, one for RTSs, and so on.

If the concept sounds familiar, it’s because Shift is an updated version of the Zboard keyboard from a few years back. (SteelSeries bought the company that first produced the Zboard.) Beyond that, though, it’s all SteeelSeries—sturdy materials and a design that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have on your desk.

It has media keys that you can map to whatever, a built-in microphone and audio-out port (no having to snake around your headset cable anymore!), and two USB ports, one of which is powered.

The keyboard itself is $90 and comes with one standard keyset, with additional keysets available for $25 a pop.