AT&T might not be selling the Motorola Flipout, but someone on eBay is!

There’s still no word as to whether AT&T killed off the Android-powered (but sort of wonky) Moto Flipout right before its intended launch, or if it’s just been delayed (though our sources promise it’s the latter) — but somewhere out there, a few Flipouts have made it into the wild.. and right onto eBay.

Whether these things were obtained through a stockroom hookup or they “fell off the back of a truck”, I’m guessin’ AT&T isn’t exactly mega-stoked about an unannounced, unreleased handset winding up on the ‘bay. That said, each of the three currently available handsets are going for $388.88 which is, as Engadget points out, almost certainly cheaper than what you’d pay for this thing without the 2-year contract once it’s.. you know, supposed to be for sale.