Medal Of Honor Goes Open Beta To Prove EA's Patriotism. For Real.

EA will host a three-day Medal of Honor open beta (PC version only, I’m afraid) beginning on October 4. Why? Oh, you know why.

Says EA Games President Frank Gibeau:

The Open Beta of the Medal of Honor multiplayer mode will allow players to sample the authenticity and adrenaline-fueled action that the full game will offer on October 12. We also hope that by offering the Multiplayer Open Beta, we can clear up any misunderstanding about the patriotism and respect that are the foundation of this game [emphasis added]. The Medal of Honor franchise has always shown extraordinary reverence for American and Allied soldiers – this game is no exception.

Patriotism, folks. Perhaps EA should ship free American flag pins with each copy of the game?

It looks to be the very same beta that came out several months ago.