T-mobile G2 won't support tethering at launch, maybe later

Despite T-mobile’s upcoming G2 natively running Froyo, and despite Froyo natively supporting wireless tethering, T-mobile won’t enable the feature right out of the gate, with TmoNews unearthing this screenshot of a device FAQ.

The official statement from T-mobile goes like this:

T-Mobile does not currently support handset tethering or offer a tethering rate plan. Though tethering and Wi-Fi sharing will not be initially supported on the T-Mobile G2, we know that consumers are interested in these features and we are working to develop a solution to support them in the future.

So, it’s not like the option is completely off the cards, but expect T-mobile’s “solution” to involve fees of some kind.

Of course, T-mobile’s concern is that by easily enabling tethering, users will start eating up all their precious bandwidth. The consumer’s concern is that if they pay for x amount of data, they should be allowed to use it on any damn device they want. Negotiations are ongoing…

[via Android Police]