Apple Trying To Shut Down Polish Apple Site

Polish site is getting a cease and desist from good old Apple for potentially infringing on Apple’s delicate trademarks.

Use of the logo APPLEMANIA and Apple infringes on the exclusive rights of our Principal (Apple – ed.) Its trade marks, and an act of unfair competition. Namely, used by your character and logo APPLEMANIA “apples” clearly refers to the trademark used by the Apple company for many years to describe the products and services from the company Apple. Such action leads to produce confusion among the public as to the relationship between your company and the company Apple. In addition, with signs similar to a highly reputable and well-known marks by Apple, you reap unfair benefits and lead to the dilution of the distinctive power of Apple’s trademarks.

Presumably AppleMania is going to have to change their logo pretty quickly or risk the wrath of Apple’s satanic lawyers. This is usually they only way to get around this mess even though I would recommend they simply ignore the letters and go on doing what they’re doing – it’s worked thus far for sites like AppleInsider and 9to5mac.