MyWeddSpace wants to be a marriage made in heaven between couples and suppliers

Poland gets what its makers claim to be a first in the country: aims to assist couples from the moment they get engaged through to the wedding day itself, and in the process connect them with “the broadest catalogue of wedding suppliers”, which of course is how the site will generate revenue. Specifically, via an online wedding gift list, with discounts for top international brands.

MyWeddSpace launched in June of this year and is founded by a a group of private investors led by Spanish entrepreneur Alvaro Figar. It’s funded to tune of €250,000. Talking up the prospects of the site, Figar says that the Polish wedding industry amounts to approximately 0.4% of GDP, which is similar to that of more developed markets, such as the U.S.

He also notes that in Poland they are seeing a peak in the number of weddings – grandchildren of post-war new-borns getting married, apparently – and that there is a wider trend towards “bigger and more sophisticated celebrations.”

The site, which targets couples aged 20-35 who have an online bank account and are planning to embark on marriage, aims to capture value up to a year before the big day itself. At registration, users are required to provide the date and place of their wedding, which enables MyWeddSpace to build up a “segmented and valuable database of engaged couples”. Therefore, throughout the lengthy process of planning a wedding, the site knows at what point the bride and groom to-be will need various services, such as venue, a photographer, flowers, etc., and can connect them with the appropriate suppliers and locality.