Surprise! The Droid 2 has an FM radio inside

Do you still listen to FM radio? I don’t. Pandora, Slacker, Last.FM and the likes all destroyed any lingering appeal FM had for me years ago. That said, there are still the occasional times where I need to catch some FM waves. How am I supposed to know what important worldly events are going on without Ryan Seacrest In The Morning?

After teardowns of the Droid 2 revealed an unused FM radio tuner inside, the hacker crowds got to work. Thanks to their efforts, all it takes to jam out like its 1994 is a Droid 2, a bit of elbow grease, and a general disregard for silly things like warranties.

Over at the always incredible XDA-Dev, forumgoer slayher has ported the FM Radio tools from the Droid X over to the Droid 2 — and sure enough, it all works. They were kind enough to package of the Droid 2-friendly apps for your use, and the process of getting everything going seems pretty simple — if you’re already rooted, that is. If not, that’s a whole different mountain to climb.

Ready to dive in? Here’s the link with all the instructions.

[Via BGR]