HTC Lexicon jumps out of Renderville and in front of a camera

First came the specs. Then came the pre-production render. And now, the hat trick is complete: say hello to the Android-powered, Verizon-bound HTC Lexicon in all of its plasticky flesh.

The shot comes by way of Boy Genius, who has managed to scrounge up not one, not two, but twelve friggin’ shots of this totally unofficial, totally unannounced handset. Sportin’ Verizon’s signature colors, this one is almost certainly headed for the Droid lineup.

The confirmed specs are pretty much identical to the one we’d heard before. Android 2.2? Check. 5 megapixel camera? Eh-yup. Big ol’ glorious keyboard? As you can see, that’s a yes. As such, we can probably assume that the rest of the rumored specs — the 3.8″ display, WVGA (480×800) resolution, and 800mhz CPU for example — are spot on as well.