From The Google Developer Day Tokyo: "Life-Size" Android Robot (Video)

I am currently attending the Google Developer Day Tokyo [JP], a one day event Google Japan uses to promote its services and technologies to hundreds of local geeks. At the exhibition area, I stumbled upon “RIC Android”, a robot that not only looks like the cute mascot for Google’s OS but is also probably the first one out there that actually runs on Android software.

The little guy stands 1.3m tall, weighs 14g and was developed by Japan-based robot venture RT Corp. [JP] and Android developer Brillant Service [JP]. He can walk, “speak”, and wave his arms.

The robot, which has 15 joints, can be controlled via W-Fi through any cell phone (its control software is Android based).

RIC Android was finished in 60 days. Head over to Robots Dreams for a detailed description of the robot and its construction process. Robots Dreams’s editor-in-chief, Lem Fugitt, is pictured above (standing on the right).

Lem also shot this video of RIC Android today at the Google event (the pictures above were made by me):