FUD 4 UR BUKKIT: Win a $50 Hardee's Gift Card

Hardee’s is apparently turning 50 this month (they have a Facebook page saying as much) and they want you to know they like you even if you may consider their food beneath your delicate palate. However, knowing our readership would never turn their nose up at free Country Fried Steak and Gravy Sandwich Smorgasbord for 20, I’ve decided to abandon our traditional locavore tendencies and stoop to offering you the $50 Hardee’s Gift Card they wanted to send us.

How do you win? You must show your outrage at the thought of eating at Hardee’s in comments below. You can also give Hardee’s a “like” on Facebook, but that’s not imperative. I’ll pick one winner at random tomorrow at noon. Also remember that Hardee’s is offering “Made from Scratch Sausage Biscuits” for just 50 cents on September 30, just in case you wanted one, and I consider this to be badass news because I love sausage gravy.