Wattpad Will Launch With The BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook hit yesterday and Amazon was ready with a presser announcing a Kindle app for the platform. Great news, no doubt. However, the WattPad app is the top eReading app in the BlackBerry App World so it should make a good amount of dedicated BlackBerry users happy to know that the app will launch alongside the PlayBook early next year.

Wattpad BlackBerry PlayBook app will be available when the tablet launches early next year

Wattpad, the world’s most social eBook community, is the number one eReading app in the BlackBerry App World and among the top 100 apps overall. With the recent announcement of RIM’s PlayBook tablet, Wattpad expects to see a surge in downloads as readers continue to invest in tablets as their preferred electronic reading device.

Over the past year, the free Wattpad app has been downloaded an average of 1 million times per month as readers search out new content and ways to connect with authors and other readers.

Wattpad attributes the success of BlackBerry app to readers’ desire to have a more enriched reading experience that integrates other popular online social tools. Known as YouTube for eBooks and Facebook/Twitter for writers, Wattpad has experienced explosive growth this summer, with traffic increasing 30% this August.

The Wattpad BlackBerry PlayBook app will be available for download on RIM’s new tablet offering, when the PlayBook launches early next year.