A Disrupt Break: Angels Hold "Office Hours" on Formspring Today

In Silicon Valley fortunes can change in a matter of weeks. Last year’s awkward nobody entrepreneur could be today’s mogul, angel or VC. This always creates an interesting social tension: Suddenly the guy who was skulking around coffee shops trying to get his business plan in an angel’s hand is the guy new entrepreneurs are skulking around. No one wants to become too cloistered, because they remember where they came from and they might miss the next Facebook. But on the other hand, being too open is a dangerous slippery slope of a time suck with diminishing returns.

That’s why angels I talked to backstage at Disrupt this week were in love with Formspring. (Note to self: Someone’s valuation is going up in the next round…) It’s a way to interact and answer questions without exposing yourself too much or giving up too much control over what’s published. They called it “office hours” and today a bunch of angels are holding these open forums on Formspring at noon pacific time, including Travis Kalanick, Josh Felser, David Lee, Mike Maples, and Steve Anderson. If you need a break from our Disrupt live feed, head over and ask some questions to some of the Valley’s most powerful mentors and investors.