Japan Gets Nintendo 3DS On February 26 (For $300), US And Europe Follow In March

Two months ago, Nintendo announced it will announce the release date and price for the Nintendo 3DS today, and that is what just happened. During a press conference here in Tokyo, big N said Japanese gamers will be able to lay their hands on the new system on February 26 next year, which is later than expected/rumored. The retail price: 25,000 Yen ($300).

Nintendo also said that the US and Europe will get the 3DS in March but didn’t mention a price. At launch, the 3DS will be available in two colors, “Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black”.

The hardware will come bundled with a 2GB SD card. Similar to the Wii, 3DS owners can also expect a virtual console for playing GB and GBA games. Nintendo also said the 3DS can exchange data with other systems (tag mode) and auto-download files via Wi-Fi in sleep mode.

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