Like Farmville? SGN's MiniTycoon: Casino For iPhone Could Be Your Next Addiction

Shervin Pishevar, founder and Executive Chairman of mobile gaming company SGN, has just taken the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt to showcase an impressive new iPhone application called Mini Tycoon: Casino. The game is the first of a series that Pishevar believes will be extremely popular on the platform — he’s predicting Casino will do over $1 million in revenue per month.

The preview of the game was fairly brief, but gameplay will be similar to Farmville, except you’ll be planting slot machines instead of crops on your path to building a successful virtual casino. Pishevar says that the game has been in development for a year and that a huge amount of attention has been paid to getting the details right — and the graphics do look quite polished.

Pishevar also talked about the game’s scaling abilities. He says that many similar games on the iPhone have issues supporting a high number of concurrent users (he also says that most of them aren’t polished). Mini Tycoon, he says, will be capable of supporting Farmville-like numbers of users, and it sounds like he’s hoping for Farmville-like success.

Mini Tycoon: Casino is only the first game in this series — SGN plans to leverage the platform to quickly build similar games with different themes. The game is being submitted to the App Store today, so we can expect it in the next two weeks or less. We’ll have a more extensive rundown once we get our hands on the app.