#TechHubFriday is a sign London is getting easier to access for startups

Let’s see now, exactly how did Silicon Valley become Silicon Valley? Well, there was decades of history from the 1930s onwards. Hewlett and Packard in their garage; World War 2 and the development of the military industrial complex in the Bay Area; and of course the creation of the technology industry. That’s not all, but those were some of the crucial elements.

But what really helped create the Valley was an almost zero barrier to entry and an open environment committed to sharing information and a huge tolerance of risk. Companies clustered in geography, but also hung out with eachother in a random, serendipitous manner which created sparks of ideas and innovation. In other words, the Valley was not really built on formality in the way that too many things in Europe are for its own good.

Which is why we’re supporting the new #TechHubFriday events in London at the new work space for the tech community in London TechHub, and especially this Friday which will be a demo night for entrepreneurs and startups (interest disclosed). You can come along, meet other tech entrepreneurs, have a drink and show people what you’re working on.

TechHubFriday is for technology entrepreneurs, runs from 5-7ish pm. Demos will be kept to 3 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions (there’s a small charge to cover drinks and nibbles). If you’d like to demo your product, enter the details in the registration form and they’ll confirm with you if you have a demo slot. See you there.