This iPad Runs Chromium

Love your iPad’s form factor, but don’t like iOS? Not sure there are really a lot of you out there, but the post must go on regardless. Hacker Hexxeh has posted a picture of what appears to be Chromium (the open-source Chrome-based OS) running on an iPad.

The commenters there are, predictably, accusing it of being a photoshop job, citing the usual pixels and EXIF data. I don’t see any reason why Chromium shouldn’t be able to run on iPad hardware, other than that Apple has put some barriers in place to make it inconvenient. A skilled hacker could make it happen no problem.

Before you all go running to your iPads thinking of installing dual-boot, just hang on a few months and wait for both iOS 4.2 and the real Chrome OS, which I guarantee will be way cooler than the open Chromium builds.

[via iPodNN]