Kill Trolls On The Go With The Disqus Mobile Moderator Apps

One thing I love about Disqus is their mobile commenting abilities. Traditionally, commenting on mobile devices has been awful, but Disqus makes it pretty on the small screen. That said, it’s still a pain to moderate Disqus comments while on the go. So Disqus has a new product to take care of that.

The commenting start-up (which we use here at TechCrunch) is releasing a set of mobile applications to handle comment moderation when you’re away from your desk. The Android, iPhone, and webOS platforms will all be getting this app. It’s out today for Android, and will be out shortly on the other two platforms, Disqus notes (they’re in review).

Here are the features of the app they list:

  • Approving, marking spam, and deleting content
  • Filtering by status
  • Background notifications
  • Search
  • Reply
  • View Context

So trolls be warned, we can now kill you from all angles. Oh, and we’ll have a new effective weapon shortly.