E-commerce platform eSellerPro raises £2m from Notion Capital

E-commerce platform eSellerPro has raised £2m from Notion Capital. It says it will use the new funds to invest in sales, marketing and customer service to “further drive and support huge demand” across the UK, European and U.S. markets, which has already seen the company processes more than £150m in annual sales.

For Notion Capital, which invests in early to mid-stage Internet-based startups, it represents the 8th fund investment since being founded in late 2009.

The problem that eSellerPro tackles is that although established online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon, give retailers access to a huge customer base, it’s difficult to tie into those systems in an efficient and somewhat automated way in order to keep storefronts up to date and to manage multiple outlets. The eSellerPro e-commerce platform attempts to solves this problem by “integrating the online sales process with existing internal systems.”

What this means in practice is that retailers can sync their back office systems, including inventory, delivery and invoicing, with online marketplaces, such as Amazon, helping them manage both their off-line and on-line channels.

Ben White, founding partner at Notion Capital, comments on the investment: “eSellerPro not only has unique technology in the e-commerce sector but also directly links through to the bottom line by enabling customers to tap into new markets and ultimately sell more.”

On that note, Notion Capital cites eSellerPro’s “revenue generating business model” that, according to company, has resulted in a growth rate of more than 100% a year.