PSA: Today's the last day to get your free iPhone 4 case

Back when Apple announced that they’d be giving all iPhone 4 owners a free case as penance for the handset’s antenna woes, they also noted that the freebies were only guaranteed until September 30th. A few weeks of evaluation later, Apple announced that the 30th would indeed be the hard stop for the case program.

Know what today is? As you may have guessed from the context of this post (or, you know, you look at a calendar from time to time,) it’s the 30th. Everyone loves to procrastinate — but everyone loves free stuff more, I’d guess.

Ready to get your last minute free case? It’s easy: just go download the iPhone 4 free case application, and make your pick.

Reading this after September 30th? Already decided that going and grabbing your iPhone 4 is waaaay too much work for today? Try giving Apple CS a call. I’m pretty sure that if you come bearing a sob story and promise that your signal is totally unbearable, they’ll at least hook you up with a bumper.