WinPho7 HTC Spark images appear, looks like a Mondrian

Yesterday, we reported on the leaked press images of the HTC Mondrian, but today, Engadget are reporting that some hands-on images of the very same WinPho7 device have leaked, and it’s clearly labelled as the HTC Spark, aka the HTC Trophy.

The most notable feature is the inclusion of HTC’s Hub, which is HTC’s attempt at differentiating themselves from a crowd of very, very similar phones.

We’ve not heard much about the HTC Spark/Trophy, but, while it looks a lot like the Mondrian, we believe it to be a model stationed slightly lower in the pecking order. Of course, not that much lower, as it still rocks a 1GHz processor, and 8GB storage, but its screen is smaller at 3.8″.

What is likely, is that the HTC Trophy and Spark are the same phone, destined for different markets (US/Europe, for example), with a few radio frequency tweaks between them.

You can see all the images at XDA (if you’re a member), or else check out a juicy selection in the gallery, below.