Sintek Photonics Tipped As Potential iMac Touchscreen Supplier

August saw Apple filing for a patent on a “convertible” iMac with iOS integration. While some thought it was merely an exploratory filing in case they went for it someday, it may in fact be more than that. Digitimes reports that Sintek Photronics, a display manufacturer with an amazing name, has sent samples of an upcoming display line to Apple for their consideration — capacitive touchscreens over 20″ in size. Rumors confirmed? Not quite, but they have gained a bit more credibility.

The screens are of the newest type, which, like other high-end touch devices, have the capacitive layer fused to the glass, reducing thickness and weight, two considerations I brought up last month.

No information was reported regarding resolution, pixel density, or actual sizes, and it should be said as well that the “iMac touch” is still unconfirmed. I argued that it would be a great idea for a desktop system, but not so much for a convertible notebook for heat and weight reasons. We have, of course, argued against desktop touchscreens before as well.

When and if Apple announces the iMac touch relies entirely on the price and availability of the components, the most notable of course being the screen. If Sintek can get a million of these things built by February, we might see it as early as then. I’m sure we’ll hear more murmurs on this subject before then, though, so I’ll defer to potential future reports for now.