Frito-Lay Pulling Compostable Snack Bags Over Noise

Last year, Frito-Lay announced that they were changing the Sun Chips bag to a new style that actually breaks down in the environment, instead of sitting around in landfills for years and years. The bad news? They are pulling the packaging from the market, because apparently they are too loud.

One of the writers at the Inspired Economist wrote to Frito-Lay to find out what the bags are made of. Frito-Lay responded that they were discontinuing the packaging. The new bags were 100% compostable, but the Frito-Lay website says they received so much feedback about the amount of noise when customers opened the bag that they decided to pull the packaging. The good news is that Frito-Lay is working on an improved version of the compostable packaging that will be quieter, just to hush up the whiners, so to speak.

Good for Frito-Lay for coming out with a compostable product, and shame on people for whining about the bag being too loud. Seriously people?