Virgin Mobile officially goes Android with the Samsung Intercept

The marriage of Android with a pre-paid US carrier isn’t a brand new idea; Boost Mobile did it with the Motorola i1 a few months ago. Just because an idea isn’t brand new, however, doesn’t mean it’s not exciting. I mean, come on: an Android phone for $30 bucks a month? I’ll take one for each hand..

The latest pre-paid carrier to join the Android party? Virgin Mobile. Their weapon of choice? The Samsung Intercept.

We first noted Virgin Mobile’s Intercept plans last week, but todays the day it hits the shelves. Seemingly exclusive to Target stores, the Virgin Mobile intercept will set you back $250 bucks up front (remember, no contract), with plans offered at $25 (300 min), $40 (1200 min), or $60 a month (unlimited min). All three plans included unlimited text and data.