CEATEC 2010: Eyes-On With TDK's Bendable And Transparent OLEDs (Video)

A pleasant surprise at this year’s CEATEC: TDK’s two passive matrix mini OLED panels, one of which is transparent and the other bendable (like the one Sony showed earlier this year). What’s cool is that both prototypes are showcased as black-and-white and color models.

You can see both displays in action in the videos I took at the exhibition below.

The flexible type is just 0.3mm thin and sized at 3.5 inches. Apparently, TDK plans to start mass-producing this panel as early next year. Its picture quality wasn’t really as high as you’d want it to be, but there is still time for improvements.

The panel with the bigger wow-factor, the see-through type, was really cool. It has a transmittance of about 50% and features QVGA resolution – which is OK, at a screen size of about 2 inches. I want one, but I am not sure why exactly screens (of any size) would have to be transparent.

Here are the panels in action:

Here’s another video: