CEATEC 2010: Panasonic's New Lumix Cell Phone Up And Close

Panasonic was all mysterious when it announced a “Lumix Phone” last week, teasing it with a special website (now updated, but still in Japanese) that contained neither pictures nor solid information about their newest cell phone. But the company today unveiled the handset at CEATEC 2010, Asia’s biggest technology and electronics exhibition, which takes place yearly in Chiba (one hour away from Tokyo).

And both the design of the device and the way big P presented it were disappointing. Hidden behind a plexi-glass box, the Panasonic representative at the booth let me touch it, with the problem being there’s nothing much to say about the phone (I couldn’t try its functions out).

It’s basically like many of the super-advanced feature phones Japan has, just with a Lumix-branded camera (13MP CMOS sensor, Mobile Venus Engine). At the booth, Panasonic showed some pics taken with the slider on a small screen, but again, nothing sensational to see here (good cameras are standard in Japanese cell phones today anyway).

To recap, the handset features a 3.3-inch LCD screen with 854×480 resolution, Wi-Fi, and DLNA support.

Here are two more pictures: