Gateway Outs Three Affordable And Good Looking LED LCD Monitors

Gateway’s latest monitors are a rare balance of classy looks and technical achievements — at affordable prices of course. All three, the 21.5-inch FHX2152L, the 24-inch FHX2402L, and the 23-inch FHD2303L, sport 1080p LED panels capable of 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The FHX series models refresh at 2ms while the FHD does it in 5ms. The 24-inch and 23-inch models will drop later this month at the standard retailers for $249 while the 21-inch hits at $189.

That makes the FHX series the must-buy, right? Well, no. If you’re not gaming, you may want to sacrifice the extra milliseconds and one inch. Why? Well, look at it. It’s embedded above. The FHX model looks down right pedestrian in comparison.


IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2010 — Gateway today introduced three new high-definition LED
monitors that combine leading-edge technology and superb functionality in a sleek, ultra-slim
design. The new displays also offer eco-friendly features and power-efficient performance,
making them ideal for consumers who want to conserve energy and the environment.

The Gateway displays are available in three sizes – the Gateway FHX models are available
in 21.5-inch (Gateway FHX2152L) and 24-inch (Gateway FHX2402L) sizes, and the Gateway
FHD model is available in a 23-inch (Gateway FHD2303L) size. All three displays deliver
excellent visual quality for enjoying high-definition movies, games and productivity applications.

“These new Gateway monitors give consumers a choice in style and functionality when
choosing a monitor for their home or office,” said Irene Chan, senior product marketing manager
for peripherals, Acer America. “All three models offer advanced display technology that meets
a wide variety of viewing needs combined with the power-saving features and an eco-friendly
design that are important to today’s consumers.”

Cutting-Edge Features and Sleek Design
The new Gateway monitors provide consumers with a premium viewing experience with a
12,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a 1920×1080 resolution. An excellent high-definition picture
quality is obtained through the 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing users to view high-definition digital
content without the image distortion that arises from incompatible aspect ratios such as 4:3
(800×600 resolution).

Additionally, the Gateway FHX models feature a rapid 2ms response times and the Gateway
FHD model has a fast 5ms response time for viewing high quality moving images. All
three models deliver 250 cd/m2 brightness and 16.7M colors, further improving the visual

Each of the new displays ensure easy connectivity to home entertainment devices and office
peripherals via a VGA or DVI port with HDCP protection. The 23-inch FHD2303L and the
24-inch FHX2402L also come with an all-digital HDMI interface, delivering exceptional high-
definition viewing and top-quality uncompressed video when connected to a DVD player or
gaming console.

Combining style and functionality, the Gateway FHD2303L display was designed with
a transparent frame that creates the illusion of a floating panel. This is coupled with an
asymmetrical stand and ultra-slim base that offers stable support while also providing a beautiful
contrast to the dark panel, making this monitor look elegant from any angle. The Gateway
FHX242L and FHX2152L models feature glossy black bezels combined with a stand that is

finished in aluminum and black, which contrasts nicely with the slim base and panel.

Earth-Friendly and Energy-Saving Technologies
The Gateway monitors leverage many key eco-friendly, energy-saving technologies. The
monitors all feature white LED backlighting, which does not contain hazardous substances
such as mercury or halogen gases, making it safer for the environment. Additionally, white
LED technology consumes less power, providing up to 68% power savings to users.(1)

All of the new displays are RoHS and ENERGY STAR® qualified, the latest and most widely
used energy-conservation qualification, helping consumers streamline costs and preserve
power while providing higher efficiency. To further decrease the environmental impact of the
displays, they incorporate stringent energy consumption and power management requirements
while in the “On” mode.

For consumers with community recycling programs, the monitors all come in highly recyclable
packaging materials, with all major plastic components properly labeled with the composition
code and recycling symbols to facilitate future recycling based on ISO 1043/11469 standards.

Pricing and Availability
All three Gateway displays will be available this month at leading U.S. retailers for an MSRP of
$249.99 for the Gateway FHD2303L bid, $249.99 for the Gateway FHX2402L bid and $189.99
for the Gateway FHX2152L bd.